zaterdag 12 december 2009

cinema reloaded

The International Film Festival Rotterdam launches an ambitious experiment in film-making in the digital era: ‘Cinema Reloaded’ allows filmmakers to directly connect with film lovers in order to finance and distribute their projects through combined online crowd sourcing and crowd funding. The participating directors are Alexis Dos Santos (UK/Argentina), Ho Yuhang (Malaysia) and Pipilotti Rist (Switzerland).
What is Cinema Reloaded?

Cinema Reloaded: first video by Pipilotti Rist (0:29)

Pipilotti writes A human (not clearly a man or a woman) hits her/his head onto a house, the window above opens and a rain of plants falls down. The human eats one of the flowers and becomes green. The green human walks to a castle, into a room and lays into a bed. The bed stands in a huge meadow and the bed burns down. The human sits on a tree and watches the burning bed with herself. The human hits her/his head onto a house. The house becomes blue. The window above opens and a rain of plants falls down. The thrower comes down himself on a rope and sits on the shoulder of the human. They walk away together.

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