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Foot deformities (1934)

Description: This is a sales film highlighting the many uses of Elastoplast in medicine. The film indicates that there was an accompanying publication. There are six titles in the series; this is the sixth, and shows examples of various foot deformities.
Duration: 14 mins 40 secs
Credits: Produced by T.J. Smith & Nephew Ltd.
Year: 1934
Subjects: Medical sciences
Segment 1: The condition hallux valgus (bunion) is described and treatment is demonstrated. Next, treatment of the condition hallux valgus with bursitis is described by the intertitles, and demonstrated. Next, the condition 'drop foot' is described and treated using Elastoplast.
Segment 2: The condition flat foot is described and treated. The condition metatarsalgia is described and treated with Elastoplast. The treatment of ingrowing toenails is described by the intertitles and demonstrated. Talipes (club foot) is described and treated.

Foot deformities (1934)(14:41)
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