maandag 28 december 2009

Iosif Kiraly

Ileana Pintilie: Your beginnings as an artist lie in performance art. Does performance still play a role in your work today, or was it tied to the specific conditions that existed under the Communist regime? What are the links between photography and performance in your work?

Iosif Kiraly: I would say that my beginnings as an artist lie in something I would call “performance photography” because those early performances were conducted with photography in mind. Due to the fact that the Communist regime did not consider performance to be a valid art form and did not allow them to take place in public spaces, each of those performances was made (and staged) in a private or isolated place. In order to reach an audience, such a performance had to first become a photograph, because photographs could travel in space (e.g. as mail-art objects) and preserved for future audiences. Now I can say that for me, each performance I conducted during the period of Communism was a photographic “message in a bottle.”

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