dinsdag 22 december 2009

Ivo Nikic

Important attributes of his work are his painter’s instinct and boyish curiosity, which manifest in his detailed and sensitive observation of the pulsating cityscape.
Ivo Nikic' paints fragments of the cityscape that are often overlooked. In his works, he frames destroyed and used objects, ordinary litter floating on the wind and the seemingly unexceptional nooks of an apartment as if they are dream scenes. Silently, calmly, nostalgically Nikic' traces the smallest trails of human activity, which in their transience are variable. In his attentive analysis of the overlooked, he poses an eternal "Why?" The question becomes a trail that leads to unexpected discoveries, of which his paintings are the evidence. Thus his work frames and magnifies the over-real world of the ignored fragments of our surrounding reality.
The calm colors and gentle style of the contrast with the strong forms of the chosen subject matter, bestowing an ethereal quality on Nikic''s work.


Pojedynek Robotów 2009

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