dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Blind Dates Project

BLIND DATES (BD) aims to tackle with the traces or ‘what remains’ of the peoples, places and cultures that once constituted the diverse geography of the Ottoman Empire (1299-1922).

General topics for deliberation, and not necessarily in the suggested order, include:

Catastrophes, trauma and memory; Mourning, longing and denial; Displacement, collective identity and subjectivity; Exile, migration, and diasporic clusters; Archives, translation and language; Humor, rumor and folklore; History, ideology and globalization; Mythology, religion and philosophy; Fact, fiction and truth; Natural, artificial and superficial; Taboo, shame and desire; Love, romance and betrayal; Obsession, compassion and care; Borders, citizenship and human rights; Justice, reconciliation and forgiveness; Fragility, temperament and passion, Art Histories, modernization, and artistic systems etc.

Nina Katchadourian, excerpt from Accent Elimination, 2005. Installation of six videos with sound. (01:34)
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