donderdag 14 januari 2010

Nathan Meltz

Gwen Sharp : How did you come up with the idea of representing food products as machines?

Nathan Meltz : I wanted a visual metaphor that would reveal tech taking over plants and animals. Unfortunately, our most current tech can be hard to visualize. A series of ones and zeros? Some sort of digital technology? I decided to combine elements of Dada collage with early modernist German machine aesthetic [Oh, yes, the early modernist German machine aesthetic! Of course!--Gwen] to create my own visual vocabulary. One that, while not exactly 21st century, would act as a symbol of science and technology for the viewer/audience.

In my machine world, animals are put on assembly lines, cramped together in feed lots, and, in the case of the chickens in The Chicken Coup animation, reside in an agricultural system designed by sadists. They all look the same because there is no diversity on the factory farm.

The Chicken Coup (go fullscreen!!)

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Nathan zei

thanks for the blog post. please excuse my lag of german.

nathan meltz

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