maandag 18 januari 2010

Tomek Mroz

Tomek Mroz creates sculptures that juxtaposes the larger themes and enriches them with the mechanisms, sound and image. Introducing the theme of traffic here is the desire to deepen the work of realism, to achieve even more literal. The artist did not attach special attention to detail perfect play, focuses more on the disposition of the body, facial expression. The use of silicon allows the illusion of reality the surface, while suggestive movement - revival sculptures. Mroz works focus attention on themselves, their realism attracted visually, but after a while we realize that it's just foreplay. The artist refers to reflexes, evokes a feeling of disgust at the border of vomiting, but the tormented soul and effectively, forcing us to watch in its distorting mirror, examine our ability to self-esteem and healing.
Galeria Kont (autotranslated from Polish)

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