dinsdag 9 februari 2010

Ben Quilty

Ben Quilty's work has long been informed by such symbols of young male culture in Australia. His exhibition, Pride and Patriotism, at GrantPirrie Gallery in Redfern, a congregation of enormous, attention-grabbing oil and aerosol paintings of male heads and Rorschach-style images, charts male power and irresponsibility from infancy to maturity.

"All my work has been recently about male culture, whether it's through a car or heavy metal or that excessive, young male period of your life that I'm hoping will end for me soon," he says, smiling.
source: Lenny Ann Low -
Sydney Morning Herald

Ben Quilty in conversation with curator Lisa Slade in the UQ Art Museum talking about his exhibition Ben Quilty Live. (09:39) (do go for full screen!)
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