zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Kate Mitchell: I am not a Joke

What Kate Mitchell aims for is a projected desire to go beyond the values of modern customs and modernist mortality, to attempt to step back away from the artificial conventions of society, to make the self-reflexive effort to re-think effort itself.

As the artist says, this process allows her to try to get beyond herself, to touch upon something far greater than what she or any of us can comprehend, something raw and universal. And yet at every turn, her actions and attempts snap her (and us) back into being, and make us painfully aware of our reality, our humanity, and ultimately our failings - but also how we can take them into our own hands.
: chalkhorse

Kate Mitchell: I am not a Joke (05:33)(Szpilman Award 2008 Best Seven)
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More Szpilman Award : The Landscape Is You (via:NewArt)

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