vrijdag 12 februari 2010

Ward Shelley

Chen Tamir : Your work seems like it’s about trying to organize the unorganizable.

Ward Shelley : “Organizing” is the right word, but it’s also a construction. You fabricate your realities. That’s what a conscious brain has to do, to take the information it perceives and make it not threatening by “understanding” it. I think the brain developed out of a flight or flight monitor device — to help the monkey figure out if there was danger around or if he could just keep eating. Information has to be sorted and understood. It doesn’t have to be true, it just has to be made clear enough that information functions as an environment that’s sensible. When new things come about they have to fit into this construction. They turn from raw perceptions into understandings organized by concepts. You don’t know the truth, you just bring your understanding up from random information to understandings that work well enough for you to relax about things.

for detailed views (and enlargement)of the work visit artist site!!


Ward Shelley The Tunnel
23 day assault by tunnel in Marseille, projecting a private space through a public place.

Project realized March, 2000
During a three week performance/exhibition, the artist and a crew of workers bored a tunnel through a building housing galleries, offices and studios, punching through walls and doorways. During this time the artist lived in the tunnel.

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