donderdag 25 maart 2010

Dan Gluibizzi

Dan Gluibizzi :
I am not alone in being Internet obsessed. When I was in school I would go through the art section in the library looking at each book, not so much to learn about the artists or the history but in the hunt for the 'perfect image'. I search for images on the Internet in the same ways that I used the library.

Every year we each look at billions of images, filtered, processed, altered. We live in a mediated picture world. Experience, capture, post.

I love searching the Internet for "perfect images' those that have a possibility of transcending their time and place.

My recent works are collections of nudes culled from a wide range of websites - although most come from nudist and amateur adult sites.
my love for you is a stampede of horses. -Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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