woensdag 10 maart 2010

Heide Hatry - Heads and Tales

Each woman here has her own style, but
Heide Hatry's portraits also convey everywoman, nearly all the same woman and feeling tone underneath the skin. What the style says of the self is complex. Each one's particular life story is learned from the smallest details of dress and demeanor*-- *which, as it happens, is how women learn to look at one another. Who is she from that wrinkle, that fur collar? Where did that hair wake up this morning? What family history is hidden behind that cut of those eyes? Embodying this woman's way of looking at women, these portraits are not a series of examples of generic women or abstract woman. If amalgamated from what seem initially to be laden clich├ęs, even stereotypes, each is definitely someone in particular, first imagined visually by the visual artist, then given a certain specific life verbally by the verbal artist.
/seconds - Creating Life

headbonesgallery : The Drawers - Heide Hatry

Skin - Heide Hatry (01:02)
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February 16th, 2010 : Controversy Surrounds Artist HEIDE HATRY Success - HEADS AND TALES in Madrid During ARCO 2010

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