maandag 15 maart 2010

Jim Brossy

There is a strong urban language, a rhythm of signs and buildings that resonate throughout the work. The complex, linear compositions evoke a sense of cityscapes. Bulldozers, clothes lines and tight fences appear as unusual subject matter. The duality in his use of black and white striping evokes imprisonments as varied as the holocaust to ghettoizing socioeconomic disparities. Figures read newspapers bearing headlines manipulated by Jim Brossy, satirizing media paranoia and frivolity. A woman hoists a sagging sheet to dry on a clothesline while nearly being enveloped by the chore. Garish machinery plows through old buildings, hinting at urban sprawl and gentrification. Brossy’s paintings focus on the dispossessed, Jim Brossy Eminent Domainhighlighting the inequality in our culture between those who are presumed entitled and those who are not.


First Friday TV - Projects Gallery

Jim Brossy Artwork , Mind TV (video)

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