zaterdag 6 maart 2010

Mario Ybarra Jr.

Mario Ybarra Jr. is part of a generation of Mexican American artists who, in contrast to many of their forebears, do not reject their American identities but embrace both of their backgrounds equally and mutate them for critical effect. Ybarra is based in Los Angeles, where he grew up, and a large part of his prolific artistic practice has grown out of issues related to his upbringing in the Mexican American community of Wilmington. He consistently explores the culture and political heritage of America's West Coast to produce, as he says, contemporary art that is filtered through a Mexican American experience.

Performance: Sweeney Tate
Mario Ybarra Jr and the art of the barbershop
(channel.tate 03:07)

centre for the aesthetic revolution

Mario Ybarra Jr. Interview at Lehmann Maupin Gallery
(youtube 05:47)



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