maandag 22 maart 2010

Michelle Teran - ”Buscando Al Sr. Goodbar”

In her works Michelle Teran (Canada) explores the interplay between social and media networks within urban environments.

Her project Buscando al Sr. Goodbar (2009) is a threefold tour through the Spanish town Murcia simultaneously taking place by bus as well as on Google Earth and YouTube.
Seated on a bus an audience debarks on a physical search for the locations and authors of various YouTube videos produced in the city. Whenever any such YouTube video discloses the geographical coordinates of where it was shot, the video becomes tagged onto Google Earth via a special software mapping system. The bus can be followed virtually on Google Earth while YouTube videos are screened on the bus itself. By entering the spaces where videos were produced, an intimate encounter occurrs between video makers and audience.
transmediale Award 2010

Interview with: Michelle Teran ...on paths of exposing urban media scapes

Los diminutos por bulerias (gipsy and drunk version)(01:51)
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