woensdag 17 maart 2010

Petrit Halilaj

What is highly significant for us in this project is one short but representational voyage of an object carrying life and traveling from Runik to Prishtina. The trip is symbolic. The bigger part of Petrit Halilaj's life and the life of the majority of the population of this country, is marked by relocation and displacement: forced to seek shelter from his home and village during the escalation of long occupation and war; deportation; returning home after the war; traveling away from his home and country for continuing his education; finding that home can be almost anywhere where you find love; successfully continuing his work in a very challenging international context and departing in a continuous quest for a better life for all.

But, what about moving chicken form a beautiful peripheral village in Kosova to the capital city, a symbolic and illustrative for the direction of the relocation and internal migration in this project of a new country? Are the chicken a part of this caravan of aimed success and upgrade of our lives? Will they survive or will they be left behind, or will they return back home? What else will be left behind and lost? Is this a new test of the survivability of spaceflight before manned space missions were attempted?

source: Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina

Petrit Halilaj Art
30 ottobre 2009 (02:57)
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