vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Tor SR Thidesen

Tor SR Thidesen uses materials and objects such as wood, chairs, metal, glue,
tape, styrofoam, and kitchen appliances; transforming objects into precarious structures, machines and assemblages. The process becomes a transformation from the mundane into surreal and humourous entities; often referencing art history. The structures are still lives mixed with raw creative energy, borrowing the language of outsider art and accidental sculptures found at scrap heaps and garages.

Fidgeting with the banal and uncanny as a moment of the meeting between viewer and the artwork. In his work art is never taken seriously, but like the surrealist 70 years ago, art is the ulitmate nihilist project, no meaning is the only true meaning (if there is such a thing as no meaning...)
artist site:statement.

A fucking still life/4 easy pieces (03:09)
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