donderdag 4 maart 2010

Vadis Turner

As handmade objects are passed down through time, they become increasingly precious and culturally relevant. Vadis Turner’s work engages in the transformative legacy of object to heirloom to historical artifact. Ultimately, the work functions as a portrait of the artist, her origins and her time(s).
Re-imagining traditional handicrafts made by women, Turner has synthesized gender roles and rites of passage to create a series of contemporary heirlooms that illustrate the values of her generation. This body of work comprises her ‘dowry’, a material and cultural measure of her worth as a woman and as an artist.
ce : lyonswiergallery

Artist Vadis Turner (in a Bridal Gown!) gives us a quick tour of her work, Reception (02:01)
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PS1 - studio-visit

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