vrijdag 30 april 2010

Richard Ross - “Suitable Placement”

“Suitable Placement” is the expression used when trying to place a minor who is either in distress or in trouble with the authorities. I am doing research on the placement and treatment of juveniles in America and the facilities that house, treat, and assist them.

I have visited these “troubled-teen” facilities across the United States and have taken photographs of the spaces that the children live in, work in, and study in. I have made sure to keep the children’s identities unknown, by either photographing them from behind or obscuring their faces.

Richard Ross



donderdag 29 april 2010

Ana Elisa Egreja

Interested in the decorative element, Ana Elisa Egreja is reproducing in her paintings embroideries, prints and, more recently, ceramic tiles, to create a bottom on which to arrange the figures of animals that dominate the composition. If in some cases, since in the work Flamingos, the beauty of the picture is luxurious and transbordante, without any sign of threat, in more recent paintings the artist opted for scenes of contained violence, in which dogs they hold in the mouth dead birds. The contrast between the brutish scene and the decorative bottom, in spite of cutting, is eased by the homogeneous bill of the stroke, to which it seems to corroborate the theory of which both motives, the decorative thing and apparently superficial, and the shocking reminder mori, they do not stop being, how we were saying before, mere pretexts to paint.
source: Jacopo Crivelli Visconti, Galeria Laura Marsiaj, março de 2009
(translated from portuguese)


woensdag 28 april 2010

Aukje Dekker

Aukje Dekker (1983, NL) graduated with honours from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2006. She works with a range of different media such as video, performance, photography, spatial installation and painting. Dekker creates situations or social events that play with and amplify the context of their circumstances. Often the effect of her work is to simply exaggerate the social structures that she finds around her, making them appear simultaneously both familiar and unfamiliar, always with a desire to induce a sense of strong emotion in herself and/or the viewer.

Push Versus Pull (10:28)
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Aukje Dekker exposteert met videowerk en een serie van 24 ogenschijnlijk, identieke schilderijen. De eerste solo-expositie van Aukje Dekker in Nederland zal te zien zijn bij galerie Vriend van Bavink.
24 apr, 2010 - 19 mei, 2010


dinsdag 27 april 2010

Richard Renaldi -‘Touching Strangers’

Richard Renaldi has been taking pictures of strangers since 1993. But his most recent series of photographs is a fascinating experiment in group portraiture. Renaldi asks two or more people who are strangers to each other and strangers to him to pose together and touch one another. The series explores or most basic understanding of trust and fear: the fragility, possibility, and psychology of human interaction.

A Conversation with Richard Renaldi about ‘Touching Strangers’

maandag 26 april 2010

Sacha Eckes

Sacha Eckes' art has always dealt with issues of belonging, identity, the search for love and communication. Rather than just paint a pretty picture, Eckes makes drawings that help people reflect on the absurdities, the little pleasures and the little pains in life.

Currently, Eckes is on a tirade making fun of the art world: its over-consumptive nature, the trials and tribulations as an artist. She takes advertisements from art magazines and leaves her mark as it were: like a bathroom graffiti artist, like a dog on the street. The series she is working on is called Fuck Art and uses mostly sexual images as they seem to be the most primal way for her to express her cynicism.
: swarmgallery


zondag 25 april 2010

Kevin Jerome Everson

Kevin Jerome Everson’s prolific body of film work engages with the history and culture of working-class black Americans and people of African decent. His short gestural films confound simplistic expectations of ethnographic documentary, poetic narrative, or theatrical drama. He stitches archival footage, scripted sequences, vérité documents, and abstract aural and visual minutiae into textured portraits of people, places, economics, politics, and ephemera.
: Pacific Cinémathèque

erie trailer 2010(01:22)
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Whitney Biennial 2008


filmfestivalrotterdam 2010 erie

IFFR 2010 Q&A "Erie (2009)" by Kevin Jerome Everson (vimeo)

zaterdag 24 april 2010

Petra Cortright

Her reference points (cats, dogs, psychedelia, youtube, geocities, and so on) are all things very near to our hearts, but there remains something blissfully and recklessly confusing about Petra Cortright’s work. The ways in which Cortright tosses her ideas against the backdrop of video compression, cheap image software effects, and the general soup of internet culture make us want to scratch our heads with one hand and high-five her with the other. In a crowded market of “new media” artists working coldly with bright colors and animated gifs, Cortright brings something far more authentically weird, human, and funny to the table.
: whosefaultisthat

Puparazzi 2009 (03:37)
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vrijdag 23 april 2010

Jeff McMillan

Jeff McMillan has for a number of years made work that is both reductive and emphatically painterly. He looks for the intriguing, inherent potential in found artworks and objects. For his first show in Austria he will present works made with paintings on canvas (painted by others) acquired at thrift stores or antique fairs. His working method employs a simple but decisive act of submerging a pre-existing picture into oil paint, an action that could be seen as destructive or redemptive. The resulting works create new narratives and bring to mind ideas about authorship, the collapsing of history and the duality of picture and object.


donderdag 22 april 2010

Starke Orte

"Starke Orte" ist das Kunstprojekt von Künstlerbünden der Metropole Ruhr und bildet eine Plattform für die Zukunft der Kunst im Ruhrgebiet. Erstmalig in ihrer Geschichte werden sie als gemeinsame Akteure auftreten. Ein Netz von Orten, die durch ihre Architektur, Geschichte und Funktion etwas Typisches für Leben, Arbeit und Kultur des Ruhrgebiets repräsentieren, wird 2010 zur gemeinsamen Spielstätte.
6. März - Dezember 2010

Video zum Projekt "Starke Orte" (05:31)
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woensdag 21 april 2010


Work team formed in Madrid (Spain) by Pablo España and Iván López.

The decision to work as a group springs from the intention of engaging in an artistic practice centred on discussion and the clash of ideas and forms of action. The fact of working in a group in itself establishes an interest in intervening in the social sphere, by means of ideas of commitment to the real. The projects reflect a concern with the progressive setting of scenes of social life; visible, in the increasing importance of the image, and also in the gradual incorporation of the simulacrum in the different realms of daily life, such as politics, technology, and culture.

Wayaway (05:49)
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dinsdag 20 april 2010

Michael Scoggins

Like pages torn from a giant child's notebook, Michael Scoggins oversize drawings are monumental and infantile in equal parts. In works measuring more than five feet in height and cleverly crafted to resemble spiral-bound sheets, the Brooklyn-based artist adopts the visual idiom of the elementary-school doodle to tackle themes of race, patriotism
artkrush - Adam Eaker 2008

Perspective: Artist Michael Scoggins (01:26)
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