dinsdag 13 april 2010

Jörg Piringer

Jörg Piringer is an Austrian "visual sound poet" and a founding member of Institute for Transacoustic Research. As the title suggests, this is a digital cut and paste where every single sound, rhythm and noise was generated transforming raw voice material. Piringer sets the not easy task of occupying a space already full of music bordering on that subtle division between electroacoustics and sheer technology applied to composition; for sure he does mostly well, as many of the sounds here get incredibly far from the starting point.
touching extremes

Jörg Piringer - "Broe Sael" (04:32)
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sorted speech 1 (06:44)
an automatic cut-up experiment.
using speech recognition i analyzed a video of a speech by barack obama. i then sorted the snippets (containing a word each) alphabetically.
this video is only an excerpt of the full a-z sequence.
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