donderdag 1 april 2010

Neighborhood Art on Wheels

Neighborhood Art on Wheels introduces neighborhoods to art and artists as a means for addressing issues, solving problems problems and creating connections within their communities.
On this page we will add steps, methods and resources for finding artists and beginning a community based project.
We believe that artists think about many issues differently than non artists. This does not mean that they are better, simply that they often have a non standard way of approaching all kinds of things, not only art making.

"Where do you call home?" (03:33)
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We were invited by the Lyndale Neighborhood and Sarah Scott to project as part of a neighborhood celebration. We utilized two tools, the Photo Booth and Andrea's Real Time Drawing. The question we posed for the Photo Booth was, "Where do you call home?", hoping to address residents lack of opportunity to know about each other.

Minneapolis Art on Wheels

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