zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Amy Khoshbin

Amy Khoshbin is a Brooklyn based Multimedia Artist from Texas with a background in Film, New Media, and Music. Her videos, performances, and wearable technologies have been exhibited at both national and international art/film festivals, galleries, museums, and performance spaces. Among some of the artists Amy has worked with are Laurie Anderson, Robert Wilson, Karen Finley, poets Anne Carson and Bob Currie, pianist Eleonor Sandresky, and Cory Arcangel. Semiotech, her ongoing collaboration with Sound Artist Michael Clemow explores and creates performance technology both for use in their musical performance group And Um Yeah, as well as for others.
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You're not brown, just tan.2009 (02:47)
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"You're not brown, just tan" challenges the notions of how we construct our cultural heritage and identity through an installation of hybrids: suburban/Iranian mash-ups in sculpture and video.

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