woensdag 19 mei 2010

Bob's Bird Blog in 3D

Sparrows and Chickadees and Nuts, Oh My!

The chickadee has some competition. Today, we saw a second (avian) species: a sparrow.It checks the place out twice, but later the chickadee comes a-callin’ and eats some of the junk I had dumped in there. (I put them in because three years ago, my lovely wife read that chickadees will clean debris out of a bird house, and I was hoping to give one the opportunity to both perform for the camera and bond with the location.) I thought it was all just wood chips but apparently there was something edible in there: a nut or fragment of an acorn, perhaps.


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3D Sparrows and Chickadees and Nuts, Oh My! (01:33)

2D Sparrows and Chickadees and Nuts, Oh My! (01:33)

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