zaterdag 22 mei 2010

Ireneusz Walczak

Walczak creativity brings to mind Heideger 'being-here-here' and 'being-in the world'. Chaos and volatility of the situation in the real world (a series of 'small fields' paintings), combined with being authentic as possible only in situations beyond the mainstream, 'to stand beside' and the overview of the distance (the human form of the center of the composition). Ireneusz Walczak managed to capture the simultaneity of these perspectives and show the man in the whole spectrum of his existential situation. Artist put in the work presented in the question of identity, for which there is no clear answer or formula. Each alone is responsible for their own identity, for your choices, building a sense of life.
The issue of identity implies a fundamental existential issues - decision making, time, memory, demonstrating the continuing process of continuous self development, continuous reinterpret own 'me' under the influence of these circumstances. Ireneusz Walczak Painting is a kind of psychoanalysis of contemporary man. The presence of body image in the artist in an era of digitization, which seems to invalidate them, remind us of its type in the human identity.
baltic-gallery - Roman Lewandowski (translated)

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