woensdag 30 juni 2010

Mark Newport

Jordan Steffen : Superheroes are symbols of strength, but your costumes are knitted.

Mark Newport : Knitting is a very slow technique. That contradicts the idea of a superhero as a man or woman of action. The superheroes that I make are generally male superheroes. I like the contradiction that most people think about knitting as related to women. Also there’s a practical reason: a knit garment stretches more than a woven textile. It’s more functional.

Heroic Efforts, 2009 (03:20)
Sweaterman knits in an attempt to generate a force field and save those around him.
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dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Nathan Ritterpusch

Nathan Ritterpusch's recent works are intriguing non-linear narratives that address themes both paradoxically intimate and universal. In these paintings the artist employs ecstatic colors and patterns as he portrays characters desperately struggling in the extremity of desire where pursuit and fulfillment have left them in flux between reality and fantasy. The recent paintings are executed across planes that are sometimes fragmentary and abstract and at other times grounded and shrewdly subtle.



maandag 28 juni 2010

Robert van der Hilst - Chinese Interiors

Robert van der Hilst :
I have trouble talking about my photography - good photographs talk for themselves and I am always surprised to read write-ups about my photography - the things people can see in my images!

But I can say one thing - I am looking for total silence in my photographs, immobility, there where nothing moves anymore, all is serene and still - the so called "decisive moment" is a term that I do not understand. Especially, now working for the past 4 years on "interiors", my images are very much composed and as if being set up, arranged.Using the inhabitants as my "actors", their habitat becoming a theater, I try to cross the threshold of their inner selves. In these series of "Cuban interiors" and now
"Chinese interiors" I try not only to photograph the interior of the room but more importantly, the interior of man.

Shanghai Chinese Interiors Robert van der Hilst Photography YouTube

zondag 27 juni 2010

Kienholz on exhibit 1969

Born in 1927 in the border area between Washington and Idaho, Kienholz moved to Los Angeles in 1953, where he began making a series of bas-reliefs with found material. Prior to his death in 1994, he was primarily known for his "Assembly Art" sculptures, consisting of mannequins, stuffed animals, and pieces of clothing, focusing on subjects such as controversial as bordellos, back seat sex, and abortion. Steel’s extremely entertaining film consists of audience reactions to a Kienholz exhibit at the LA County Museum of Art, which includes his well-known pieces ‘"The Birthday’, ‘Back Seat Dodge’, and ‘Roxy's’.

Kienholz on exhibit 1969 (21:29)
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The Internet Archive
Director: June Steel


zaterdag 26 juni 2010

John Baldessari In Still Life 2001-2010

In Still Life 2001-2010 invites you to create your own still life by arranging any or all of the 38 objects onscreen.

"When someone completes their own still life using
In Still Life 2001-2010 it becomes their own artwork," says artist John Baldessari. "It's not mine. It's theirs. Still lifes are about the fleeting things in life. Each object has a symbolic meaning attached to it. My interest in still lifes goes back to beginning art courses and having to endlessly paint from them. There was always a room where the instructors stored all the props. And the one prop I hated was the cow skull, which an old instructor of mine, a Georgia O'Keeffe fan, used to always trot out. But of course the typical objects are things like the guitar, the wine bottle, the loaf of bread, which are not so interesting.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
John Baldessari: Pure Beauty
June 27, 2010–September 12, 2010


vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Otto Mühl, Kardinal, 1967

I set my sights on the human body and realized things
were moving at last, during my first material action,
I soiled a female body with mud, paint, rubbish and paste,
and tied it up in old rags and ropes dipped in mud.

- Otto Mühl, 1963

Otto Mühl | 1967 (05:16)
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Kardinal - Re-enactments expand and scroll down

Re-enactment - Kardinal - Otto Muehl - por Gunnar. Borges (04:52)
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Kardinal - Re-enactment - Nilson Andrade (05:02)
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Rock Me Amadeus by Falco via Kardinal by Otto Muehl (English version), Ben Russell, 2009, (03:39)
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donderdag 24 juni 2010

Henry Woller

Henry Woller betont das politische Element in seinen Aussagen. Mit strenger Linienführung zeichnet er Kraftausdrücke emotionaler Befreiung auf das noch unbeschriebene Blatt des Neo-Konservatismus, ohne auf die trotzigen Zwischentöne pubertären Humors zu verzichten, die für seine Großformatzeichnungen noch charakteristisch waren. Auf einigen Bildern finden sich bis hin zur abstrusen Verniedlichung gedemütigte Variationen von Blau und Rot in Kombination mit Weiß wieder – den Farben der Trikolore als Synonym für die von einer übermächtigen Finanzwirtschaft bedrohten Ideale Freiheit, Gleichheit, Brüderlichkeit.

Henry Woller | Autobahn (unplugged) | Galerie Mille d'Air | 10/07 (04:00)
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woensdag 23 juni 2010

Katarzyny Kozyry - Summertale

Natalia Sosin : Where do the eternal costumes come in in your work?

Katarzyny Kozyry : Children, who keep themselves aloof from others, don’t know that until someone tells them that. I want to show that it’s all just costumes. Although on the other hand I also behave in a certain way depending on on how I dress up. When it comes to costumes, you can act negatively. You know that you are not yourself and in hindsight of that you can’t embarass yourself.

summertale trailer 2008(02:48)
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Katarzyna Kozyra’s summertale, a vibrant, 20 minute long video that veers between bucolic bliss and blood-splattered grotesque, is a theatrically staged fairy tale fantasy.


dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Joshua Abelow

Otino Corsano : It could be said that your work is "selfish" in terms of the manner in which the repetitive symbols you employ act both as a personal language and relate back to your own life and struggles as an artist. Do you agree with this egocentric reading?

Joshua Abelow : I think my work irritates some people because they read it at face value and see it as only being about me. Of course, the work is about me. But I'm also interested in using the self as a larger political and social metaphor. I'm drawn to making work that can make people feel uncomfortable or uneasy, or even the type of work that might be dismissed at first because it seems too stupid or simple. Often this involves something that has made a lasting impression on me, but which I may not have cared for very much at first. The first time I saw de Kooning's paintings, I thought they were terrible. Sometimes content reveals itself over time and I'm interested in how this happens. I don't want to spell things out or tell people what to think in any didactic way.
ArtUS 2008


maandag 21 juni 2010

Agata Bogacka

Agata Bogacka works with painting, drawing and photography. Her art is a unique, at least on Polish art scene, combination of formal refinement and deeply emotional biography. The paintings formed an emotional journal of the artist, combining a synthetic, poster-like, highly stylised form with engaging, intelligent narrations. Her paintings consistently include smooth backgrounds and because of that are devoid of realistically presented spacial depth. The compositions are deeply thought through, without any redundant details. Distance, both physical and psychological – intimacy or loneliness – is one of the key elements of her paintings.


zondag 20 juni 2010

thomson & craighead - a short film about war

A Short Film about War is a narrative documentary artwork made entirely from information found on the worldwide web. In ten minutes this two screen movie takes viewers around the world to a variety of war zones as seen through the collective eyes of the online photo sharing community Flickr, and as witnessed by a variety of existing military and civilian bloggers.

thomson & craighead - a short film about war (09:38)(no embed)
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zaterdag 19 juni 2010

Ishmael Randall Weeks

Ishmael Randall Weeks : Issues of place, transformation, escape, collapse and nomadic existence have been predominant in my recent work. The materials employed are specific to the sculptural situation, but tend to come out of both societies and my own debris. I rarely use the materials in their original form but rather prefer to transform them into semi-functional building blocks that depend on the historical and symbolic reference inherent in the material. Wood from specific trees cut down on or around construction sites, boat parts from ship graveyards, inner tubes and tires, collected newspapers, plastic water bottles, steel barrels, and old chairs, are some of the materials that have been incorporated into my work. These materials are altered to form architectural spaces, rustic carts, cranes, canals, etc. that potentially could have a use and/or movement but instead are refused the possibility of that utility (in an economically productive sense) in favor of an allegorical narrative within a personal and shared cultural vocabulary

(under construction)

vrijdag 18 juni 2010

Nevan Lahart

Nevan Lahart works in a wide variety of media. The subject matter of his work could be very loosely described as encompassing television, the media, social and political perceptions and the history of art and life as he finds it. Nevan is interested in the role that the Museum plays, as a purveyor of artistic merit and classification and societies neutralising agent of assimilation (adoptive negation). Nevan aims to engage in creative collaboration with the public, but hasn’t a clue what he’ll do yet; take it that he’ll wing it in a spoofing free style manner.
Irish Museum of Modern Art

Hands Richter Sketch Master the Paul McCarthy Rock's Remix (02:57)
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