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13 Most Beautiful Young Artists

walkerartcenter — 3 april 2009 — Inspired by Andy Warhols Screen Tests and Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips 13 Most Beautiful created 13 original films and commissioned young musicians to compose accompanying soundtracks.

Ben Harrison, Associate Curator for Performance at the museum, suggested that we select and write songs for 13 Screen Tests—the choice of subjects would be ours. Thirteen, because Warhol had sometimes screened his films around the number: 13 Most Beautiful Girls and 13 Most Beautiful Boys, for example. Watson suggested that the 13 Most Beautiful… title probably grew out of Thirteen Most Wanted Men, the controversial painting Warhol created for the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing, a painting which Nelson Rockefeller ordered removed. Instead, Warhol had it painted over in silver.

I visited the museum in Pittsburgh and looked at about 150 of the Screen Tests, without quite knowing what I was looking for. Warhol had shot close to 500 of these films. Some were so immediately stunning—Jane Holzer brushing her teeth, Ann Buchanan crying a tear—that I knew I had to include them. Many of the subjects appeared uncomfortable. Others seemed beaten. Some were insolent, provocative

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Andy Warhol's Screen Tests

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