maandag 21 juni 2010

Agata Bogacka

Agata Bogacka works with painting, drawing and photography. Her art is a unique, at least on Polish art scene, combination of formal refinement and deeply emotional biography. The paintings formed an emotional journal of the artist, combining a synthetic, poster-like, highly stylised form with engaging, intelligent narrations. Her paintings consistently include smooth backgrounds and because of that are devoid of realistically presented spacial depth. The compositions are deeply thought through, without any redundant details. Distance, both physical and psychological – intimacy or loneliness – is one of the key elements of her paintings.


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Anoniem zei

hee I know this pose!!/photo.php?pid=1004014&id=1248403145

jan M

CE zei

en niet te vergeten Hester voor de spiegel!

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