maandag 7 juni 2010

David Mackintosh

Ideas of dislocation, isolation and indecision permeate David Mackintosh’s drawings. Images of uniformed youths with black voids for faces mix with dense renderings of dark woods, or delicate outlines of statues and birds of prey overlaid with veils of unexplained rings.

Mackintosh’s practice has been centred on drawing as a primary medium for over a decade, but in recent years has undergone a period of both formal and psychological expansion.

Rendered in a limited palette of black, red, green and yellow gouache, the tone of these works is complex and elusive. Suggestions of our flawed attempts at connection mix with the insistence of our baser motives. In exhibition and publications the sequencing and juxtaposition of drawings create temporary relationships that spark streams of association and narrative.
source: A New Malady - 1st May ~ 6th June 2010

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David Mackintosh Exhibition Review (02:12)

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