woensdag 23 juni 2010

Katarzyny Kozyry - Summertale

Natalia Sosin : Where do the eternal costumes come in in your work?

Katarzyny Kozyry : Children, who keep themselves aloof from others, don’t know that until someone tells them that. I want to show that it’s all just costumes. Although on the other hand I also behave in a certain way depending on on how I dress up. When it comes to costumes, you can act negatively. You know that you are not yourself and in hindsight of that you can’t embarass yourself.

summertale trailer 2008(02:48)
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Katarzyna Kozyra’s summertale, a vibrant, 20 minute long video that veers between bucolic bliss and blood-splattered grotesque, is a theatrically staged fairy tale fantasy.


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