vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Poison Berries : Michael Robinson

Ananda Pellerin : What do you think of the labels “experimental” and “avant-garde” film maker?

Michael Robinson : Experimental is a pretty weird term, so is avant-garde. In general I like things to be accessible enough so it’s not only understood as part of the trajectory of some specific, long tiny history of experimental film. Although my films do reference particular movements in that history - especially structural and landscape films, which are like the math rock of film in the 60s and 70s.

But I also want to bring in my own experiences, and I did watch a ton of TV and played a ton of video games while growing up so that’s shaped my experience of the world pretty significantly. When I’m putting films together I can still trace some of what I’m getting off on back to being a chubby ten-year-old playing Mario Brothers.

hold me now 5:00 / digital video / 2008
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Plagued by blindness, sloth, and devotion, a troubled scene from Little House On The Prairie offers itself up to karaoke exorcism.

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