maandag 14 juni 2010

Rob Seward

New York’s Rob Seward uses light, mechanics, technology and music to create devices that explore language, communication and their relationship to our modern emotional (particularly anxiety-ridden) lives. Across three black boards, small fluorescent light tubes spin, eventually slowing down to form a sentence. Eager anticipation turns to unease as, one by one, the words spell out “YOU WILL DIE.” And then, if you’re brave enough after that declaration of mortality, you can lie down and put on the nearby headphones and goggles. A steady beat of electronic music plays while colour fields appear before your eyes; the visceral sensation is like lying at the top of a hill on a clear day as the sky moves from blue to sunset reds and oranges. It’s easy to get caught up in this false world - my guess is that it would be a fun accessory for certain illegal substances (not that I would know) - but as the heavy gallery door slammed shut, breaking the peace, I became aware of my own vulnerability lying on the floor.

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