zaterdag 3 juli 2010

Anne Brodie

Anne Brodie explores the world around her, whether that is the remote wilderness of Antarctica, the pool of dead insects found lying in her basement studio, or the biotechnical world of pathogenesis, quietly subverting the usual confines of scientific practice.

‘The alchemical possibility of being able to turn something dull and undervalued into something shiny and significant seems to drive forward Brodie’s diverse practice. Brodie utilizes photography’s ability to transform by playing with scale and cropping in a theatrical way until we are no longer sure of the boundaries of the world in which she is operating. Photography can democratise the image, reconciling the unfairness of life by making the unloved things beautiful. Through the transformation of her base materials Brodie allows us to see what the world could be if we let it.’

Amanda Loomes, Next Level magazine H20 edition 2008
Anne Brodie

artscatalyst - bipolar

Roker Breakfast - Bombay Sapphire Prize winning work. Produced in collaboration with Louise Gilbert Scott and Ruth Dupre. (01:57)
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