maandag 5 juli 2010

Kevin Cosgrove

Kevin Cosgroves paintings often depict unpopulated workspaces, commercial ships and vehicles, motor bikes and pleasure boats. The paintings are generally executed in an unassuming and laid back style, where a painterly naturalism is favoured over hard edge realism. Most paintings are made within a day and are executed wet on wet. There is an emphasis on working quickly and describing various details as efficiently as possible.

The paintings of interiors make careful use of manmade and natural light sources. Blended areas of shadow and neutral tints are infiltrated by light from windows or workshop doors. Artificial lighting is also described using a handful of recurring techniques such as sgraffito where the top layer of paint is removed or scraped to reveal the layer beneath. The use of light is equally purposeful in outdoor scenes provoking a feeling of fleeting brightness or changing weather.
lenabruening - a workable space /june 11th to july 17th, 2010

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