donderdag 12 augustus 2010

Daniel Mercadante - Routines


A continuous series of short motions. It is an examination of the flow of pattern and repetition, in both shared common tasks and those that are a bit more personal. There is no planned 'completion' of this item as a whole, but varied ORDERS will be created by organizing sequences of individual parts.

With or without the recognition of 'why?', routine actions provide for the ability to escape the self aware mind, to become part of a unified flow. The act of ROUTINING is simply practicing a repeated action while being completely self aware and unaware simultaneously, entering a state of pure flowship. The supposed line drawn between points of physical being and relative consciousness can become an everchanging series of cycles on a wave. This wave is what holds shared energy, applied to all matter and ideas. ROUTINES are just a meditative practice for creating and manipulating this energy, which of course, will not end.

source: flowship - Flows by Daniel Mercadante

Routines 19 2008 (02:12)
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