maandag 9 augustus 2010

Delphine Courtillot

Delphine Courtillot’s artistic point of departure is centered, so it seems, around the absence of origin...With regard to an unequivocal narrative source, the artesian ancestry of the individual works or the actors in her ‘mise en scène’, Courtillot sabotages any reference to their origin in favor of the way they function artistically between themselves...With regard to the absence of authorship, a remarkable play becomes visible in the transition from photography to painting. While Courtillot’s gouaches mask the presence of the author since her ‘hand’ is guided by a photograph, the author of her photographic work, on the other hand, becomes explicitly visible.(...) In Courtillot’s images, the camera seems to claim its own ‘personality’ through the technical deficiencies displayed in the result.(…) The camera as ‘inert matter’ thus becomes a lively commentator, as it were, a crown witness of a vanished event.”
source: Bart van der Heide - Black Cat Publishing 2007



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