woensdag 4 augustus 2010

Fletcher Williams III

Fletcher Williams III currently communicates his ideas through sculpture, installation, painting, and design. At times, some if not all of these elements are employed within a single piece. The works are mere documentations of my encounters, observations and confrontations of this time in history.
I can’t express my responsibility as an artist any better than artist Charles White. He states, “I am interested in the social, even the propaganda, angle in painting; but I feel that the job of everyone in a creative field is to picture the whole scene. . . I am interested in creating a style that is much more powerful, that will take in the technical end and at the same time will say what I have to say. Paint is the only weapon I have with which to fight what I resent. If I could write, I would write about it. If I could talk, I would talk about it. Since I paint, I must paint about it.”


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