donderdag 19 augustus 2010

Glenn Ligon

Glenn Ligon is known for his resonant works in multiple media that explore issues surrounding race, sexuality, representation and language. Ligon has said of his work that he wants to "make language into a physical thing, something that has real weight and force to it." To this end he frequently uses evocative text, quotations from culturally charged and historical relevant material by writers such as James Baldwin, Jean Genet and Zora Neale Hurston, both as a source of imagery and a means of addressing the politics of representation. He works in a variety of media, including painting, neon, installation, video and print. Throughout his oeuvre, Ligon's work surveys America's cultural legacies and situates them in contemporary life.


Artist Glenn Ligon discusses his exhibition Glenn Ligon: Day of Absence. Organized in 1997, the show featured works that explored group and individual identity in the context of social protest. (01:15)
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: Glenn Ligon By Jason Moran

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