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Go! Go! Go! - Marie Menken (1962-1964)

Marie Menken (1910-1970) is the unsung heroine of the American avant-garde cinema. A mentor, muse and major influence for such key experimental filmmakers as Kenneth Anger, Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas and Andy Warhol, Menken created an extraordinary body of exuberant and stunningly beautiful films shaped, above all, by her intuitive understanding of handheld cinematography.
The Harvard Film Archive

Marie Menken - Go Go Go (1964) 16mm, color, silent, (11:31)
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Taken from a moving vehicle, for much of the footage. The rest uses stationary frame, stop-motion. In the harbor sequence, I had to wait for the right amount of activity, to show effectively the boats darting about; some sequences took over an hour to shoot, and last perhaps a minute on the screen. The "strength and health" sequence was shot at a body beautiful convention. Various parts of the city of New York, the busy man's engrossment in his busy-ness, make up the major part of the film ... a tour-de-force on man's activities.

trailer "notes on Marie Menken" Martina Kudlácek

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