vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

João Louro

Joao Louro experiments in his work with ideas that relate to his two primal subjects: language and images. His primary interests are the reorganization of the visual world and of what visuality means, and language in all of its possibilities and aspects. Louro's works can be defined as following on the heels of 1970's conceptual art endeavours or minimalist practices in the theatrical sense. However, he defines himself in opposition to them and his relationship to the finished object is one that goes beyond art historical references. He refuses to be confined to a single medium; taking ideas as a starting point he uses painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, as well as film, selecting media as a conductor selects the musicians for his orchestra. A natural descendant of conceptual and minimal art, Joao Louro has sought to override the romantic paradigm using the importance and role of the viewer, who completes the work of art.



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