zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

Luke O'Sullivan

Growing up in and around Boston, (born in Jamaica Plain, and raised in Holliston MA.), Luke O’Sullivan has always had a curiosity about cities. He explains, “What you can see and what you can’t, or how sometimes they can look like a pop-up book. As a result, architectural and structural systems have been a primary source of inspiration for my work.” Through the application of screen-printed drawings on wood, metal, and other flat surfaces, he creates facades or facsimiles of familiar objects and structures. His work explores the relationships between occupied space, illusionary space, and the physics of drawing. According to O’Sullivan, “Three-dimensional drawing is the most accurate way of describing my work. The same way an animation brings a drawing to life, the screen printed drawings navigate and narrate the contours of the sculptures, transforming and characterizing the identity of each piece.”

hifructose : an-interview-with-luke-osullivan

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