dinsdag 7 september 2010

Alex Davies

Alex Davies (allowing popup!!) is a Sydney artist, until recently based in Austria working with Time’s Up. Awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from the College of Fine Arts, University of N.S.W (2001), where he is a PhD Candidate, Davies has since been researching, developing and presenting audio-visual installations.

Davies’ practice spans a diverse range of media including film, photography, network, realtime audio-visual manipulations and responsive installations. His current practice is based on around the development of evolving audio-visual installations in which individuals and dynamic environmental factors shift the conditions of a controlled space.

source: nadine arts laboratory : WORKSHOP CHROMA KEY with Alex Davies

Acoustic Trauma : Bioeffects of Sound. By Alex Davies

Pugilist Series 449 (07:02)
view a short extract from rounds one and five of the entire 25-minute work.
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