vrijdag 17 september 2010

Bernardí Roig

Bernardì Roig's practice proposes a reflection on the contemporary human condition; on his isolation, his desires and immortality. Regardless of the medium chosen – sculpture, drawing, video – the artist's creations revolve on the two key concepts of body confinment and impossibility of vision. His notorious white scuptures – casts of real people – represent a journey where the memory of the image plays a vital role. Roig's work could be defined as a cast of a society at the edges, at a time teinted by the loss of historical memory and identity. The inability of seizing new images constitutes the dominant theme, for which light becomes a metaphor; lamps, luminous signs, fluorescent tubes encase his subjects, blinding them. From here, the artist explores the dynamics of voyeurism and the unsettling dimension of artistic imagery, revisiting classical myths, baroque iconography and memento mori, filtered through the fundamental issues of postmodern thought.
Galleria Cardi



Bernardi Roig presenta Bernardi Roig en el IVAM de Valencia (03:30)
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