donderdag 16 september 2010

Claudia Schmacke

As continuous pulsing networks or deftly scattered units, Claudia Schmacke’s liquid environments are unexpected and mesmerizing. Employing the element of water in both flowing and motionless states, she illumines the workings of the physical world as well as the ways we perceive it. Her sculptural installations are minimal in form and sophisticated in implication – expanding our awareness of the passing moment, our concrete surroundings, and the interconnectedness of the two.

Early on in her career Schmacke began to realize that she wanted to work with something organic and mutable, something with an ephemeral nature. Her first foray in that direction involved the use of paraffin in her work, with its simultaneous suggestion of both liquid and solid. This approach was fuelled by her interest in the fluid realities of contemporary physics and philosophies of time and space.
Goethe-Institut Moscow "Art on Site"


billow (2005) (03:34)
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