dinsdag 28 september 2010

A Constructed World

Riva + Lowe have been collaborating as A Constructed World since the mid 1990s, and are known internationally for creating ‘happenings’ – ad hoc performances, conversations, dances and sit-ins within (and frequently outside of) the gallery environment – often challenging or involving the audience.

Proponents of the movement pioneered by artists such as Yves Klein, John Cage, Allan Kaprow and others in the 1950s and 1960s, where a performance, event, situation or ‘happening’ became art, A Constructed World have explained contemporary art to live eels in Milan, held sleepovers at Basekamp in Philadelphia, and danced covered in post-it notes in their seminal Italian gallery space More Fools in Town.

They have also produced a body of work that includes drawings, paintings, sculpture and video. Increase Your Uncertainty is a major survey of these works, and will be accompanied by a series of events, performances and collaborations at ACCA and around Melbourne – ecstatic dances, ad hoc performances and forums about, amongst other things, the meaning and state of contemporary art in Australia



Explaining contemporary art to live eels #5, SOS48, Murcia, Spain, 2009 (01:33)
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