zondag 19 september 2010

The Continental Review

Welcome to one of the internet's first video-only forums for contemporary poetry and poetics. The Continental Review aims to be:

(1) A forum for video readings of new poetry
(2) A forum for diverse poetic/cinematic/multi-media experiences
(3) A forum for video interviews and filmed discussions on poetics

With close to 50 videos featured in its archives, the vision is to provide a haven for original video readings, video poetry and hybrid poetic-imagistic objects. The Continental Review, in its (re)embodied real-time, thus aims to become one of the primary stops for new video content related to contemporary poetry and poetics on the web.

Ryan MacDonald Poetry In The Continental Review (03:23)
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Poem by Michelle Taransky, video by John L. Roberts. Commissioned by Jordan Stempleman for The Continental Review, 2008. (01:55)
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