woensdag 8 september 2010

Dinh Q. Lê

Dinh Q Lê uses sculpture, video and installation to create powerful statements about the impact of historical events on individual lives. Many of Lê’s works focus on the disturbing physical and psychological effects resulting from the Vietnam–US War (1959–75). Lê shows how these effects still permeate the cultural memory and landscape of Vietnam. History, mythology and popular culture are interwoven by Lê as he blends images from different sources in an affecting process of memorialisation. His works deal with the instability of memory, and questions of accountability that emerge from histories of conflict.

The complex history of violence in Vietnam is often filtered through photojournalism and cinematic imagery from Hollywood. The work of Dinh Q Lê reconciles and disrupts these dramatised representations of people who have lived through conflict and whose lives are irrevocably transformed by the effects of war.
source: The Asia–Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art


South China Sea Pishkun - Dinh Q. Le (06:33) vimeo

MoMa : Projects 93: Dinh Q. Lê

ici-exhibitions interview (PDF)

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