woensdag 15 september 2010

Harry Pye

TT : I know you are usually the one putting on shows of other people's work, doing the interviews, publishing magazines and being proactive. How is it being the artist in a more conventional sense?

Harry Pye : "When I was a student I did a placement with one of my art heroes - Bruce McLean. He used to tell me that people always asked 'doesn't being a tutor get in the way of your work?' And he'd always say 'no', because it's all part of the same thing, it's all me. I think it's true. When you are at school you are allowed to cover your books with pictures of people you like. At home you put more pictures on your wall. When you're hungry you either make something yourself or get take away. And so on, and so on. Basically you don't need to put a beret on or buy a bag of clay to express yourself and communicate. And so, by the same token I might make a fanzine, curate a show of other artists and not put my own paintings in it, or make a video - but it's still all the same thing. It's all me."
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