dinsdag 14 september 2010

Ian Ingram

Ian Ingram :
"My primary interest is in making objects whose behavior is the main stimulus to observing animals, including humans. This can be augmented by form and other elements but is primarily achieved through gesture, reaction, and a sense of agency. Although the targets of some of my object’s behavioral signaling are non-human animals, and sometimes other behavioral objects, the human observer always is in the mix in the way they are when they watch squirrels flicking their tails at each other and parse the behavior in a human manner even if the intended meaning of the signals is reserved for other squirrels. Some of my behavioral objects are directly intended for humans and borrow their gestures and forms from aspects of
our culture that I feel resonate in peculiar ways with our behavior lattices."
Artist Statement.pdf

Bruisic, 2010 (01:46)
Machine that composes a bruise on the skin of a Granny Smith using two rocks.
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