vrijdag 24 september 2010

Jani Leinonen

When considering the core of artist Jani Leinonen´s work, it has to be noted that art is not only a painting on a wall. Leinonen´s art is the environment, the context, everything that happens around art, discussions, scandals, scoops, interviews and stories in newspapers. Leinonen´s art a manifestations of certain place, context, ideologies, conversations, politics and society, not a detached aesthetic object on a white wall of a museum

Often artist Leinonen´s own statements just add confusion to the idea of who Jani Leinonen is and where are the boundaries of his art and reality. Often he denies his own claims, mocks himself behind pseudonyms and purposefully creates conflicts that at first seem to make his job more difficult but in the end raise him on an oddly high pedestal.
Matti Vatanen - Free Lance Curator / Art Historian


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