maandag 27 september 2010

Pavel Pepperstein

We should not be deceived by the diversity of Pavel Pepperstein's talent. He is capable of very subtle graphic work, inventive installations and even conceptualist erotica captured on film. Pepperstein writes novels – from the vast fantasy epic 'The Mythogenic Love of Castes' (with S. Anufriev) to the exquisite refinement of his detective novel 'The Swastika and the Pentagon' – and performs rap (he promises to do so for the 'Victory over the Future' exhibition). But for Pavel Pepperstein both fine art and literature are only instruments of investigative activity. It is no coincidence that the association of authors from the Young Conceptualists group he founded in the 1990s adopted the emphatically bureaucratic-scientific title 'Inspection Medical Hermeneutics'. The objects and methods of these investigations are also strikingly whimsical (although it is hard to call them a mere whim). Pepperstein is interested in everything – psychoanalysis (he is writing his own version of 'The Interpretation of Dreams') and Hollywood movies, the 'collective unconscious' of Soviet ideology and the philosophy of Moscow Conceptualism, the schizoanalysis of Deleuze-Guattari and Castaneda, Orthodoxy and Zen Buddhism, classical literature and contemporary youth culture.
Russian pavilion “victory over the future” - Irina Kulik


Artist of the week 82: Pavel Pepperstein

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